198.168 ll login 129.168 ll

198.168 ll


198.168 ll X

129.168 ll X

the ip 198.168 ll is not the correct ip to login to your router

or modem , i think you have mistyped this ip so instead of typing it in

this formate you change it to 198.168 ll  or you type

it like this 129.168 ll , so pleas if you

want to login to our wifi or modem router just click here

then you will be asked to type username

and password





if you faild to login just look back on your modem and

you will find the default username and password

and you will find the login ip as well , but as i said most of the

router ip is but not 198.168 ll ,

if you faild again you have to make factory resset to your

modem , and you can make that by just keep pressing

small button on your modem for just 10 seconds then

just restart it and then try again to login , and be sure to

use the google chroom browser to login


198.162 ll

129.168 ll
198.168 l 1
198.168 1.1 admin
198.168 ll tp link
198.162 l 1

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