192.168 o 1

192.168 o 1

The router ip address isnot 192.168.o 1 it is a wrong ip and will give ou error or it willnot give you correct resuilt

The correct ip is


It manage panel Address of your ADSL Modem

 panel Address of your ADSL Modem

Update software is managed by worldwide network that is loaded software into the device

By this software and applications you can easily re-configure the settings by entering your information in case of any connection problems during experiencing internet.


The computer used to configure the router has several network cards, TCP/IP settings of network card are incorrect .

.A router or alternative network entree device on these networks is usually put in at, and alternative hosts use higher numbers within the area.


   a few IP ranges are named “private” and is  one of these ranges. belongs to the range of private IPs from up to All these IPs can’t be accessed from the Internet ( Network Address Translation ) (NAT) is required for Internet communication).


The private IPs may be  used in a network, and it is good to know that only one device can have this IP If two devices happen to have the same IP a, so-called(ip conflict) can occur, which can cause one of the units,

 or both, to become unusable inside that particular network. However, this IP can be freely used in two different networks and even more.


How to enter 192.168.o.1 address?

IF You want to reach  to your modem’s user interface, you can copy the address http://192.168.O.1 or type it manually to your browser.

 Also with the help of the input button on our site, you can easily access as well.

 One of the most common problem in this process is to enter the wrong password. If you don’t know modem (router) user ID or password, you can examine our explanation of “What to do” below.


How to login to

To access the management console of your router copy  into your web

when you reach the router admin login your username and password

Inside the admin panel you will be able to change all kinds of setting such as: DNS, IP allocation, Routing and many more.


Why I am not able to access

IF you want to get access to your router, please identify whether your computer’s gateway is

 The step is open CMD and type: ipconfig/all, or use this command: ping -t.

If the gateway address is and it still can’t display the login window, perhaps it’s because the network port is not specified or there is a firewall.


The ping command is a commonly used DOS command and it is used to detect whether the network is connected and the network speed is fast or not.

While in wireless router setup process we often use the ping command


If your router address is, click ‘Run’ (or use the key combination win + r) and enter CMD and then hit OK. Then enter ping, if the result returns timeout, it illustrates the network is disconnected or losing packages, it also means your computer can not connect to the router.

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