————– is a private IP address that is the default for certain models of home broadband routers typically sold outside of the United States.

It is also frequently assigned to individual devices within a home network when a router has an IP address of

As a private IP address, does not need to be unique across the entire internet, but only within its own local network.

stands for an IP address which some router manufacturers use as a router default address.
In most of the cases, this IP address – – is used by private home network computers.


This IP address belong to class C IP addresses, meaning it falls into the range that starts with and goes through
What can you do with ?
if you make and enter IP address , you will access the full electronic network as authoritative.

The software for the router to offer wired and wireless device features and options, you can make the necessary repairs and, thanks to the required settings.

——————– can be a Gateway or an IP address.
This is something that can confuse some users.

So if you want to find out whether it is an IP or a Gateway, just find Command, then type ipconfig /all , and you will be able to see all of it: IP Address subnet mask Default Gateway and DHCP server. Just see where is and that’s it.


When you access the administration panel of your device is DNS, PROXY, network management, WLAN (WiFi), LAN, WAN Protocol settings, Virtual routing, IP Qos, NAT virtual server, DMZ, a variety of security options, DHCP client, WPS, DSL, ADSL, blocking, and other MAC can perform easily different base adjustments

————————- is a private IPv4 network address , which means you can not connect to the router , use the address from outside the home network . Instead , you must use the router’s public IP address .

All companies produce a modem device in order to provide easy access to up to date software installs .
If the software application users from any internet connection problem when confronted with the device in a way that’s easy to control and modify the settings by accessing the features a chance

How do I go to the address of

When connecting to the Internet, the router serves as a gateway. Speaking of router, its major functions are transferring information and making sure where the information actually goes in the end.
It defines a path (a route) through which the data will be transferred.
It is important that data end up just in the place where it is needed, not in wrong destinations.

Router joins different networks, passes the information to one another and in the same time prevents data from unnecessary spill over and going around through more networks than it is needed – that would be – something like preventing information from flowing into all directions without control.


The name itself tells about its function of making a route for the data. Logically, to do that, it must be located where the networks meet.
While your modem management control panel in order to achieve a fully qualified , you have to do is quite easy.

Just simply login to
You can type the address into your browser , you can copy or you can log in by clicking on the button on our site.
faced the most users is to enter the wrong password errors.

If you don’t know your username and password, you must follow our writing on ways you can learn from our under annotation.

What can you do if you forget your password by default?
If you forget your password, you must reset your device. Here’s the Default Modem Passwords:
Click here

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