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We need ip address to manage our system and log into our routers

But we need correct ip to get the result that we want isnot ip address ,you type wrong ip isnot public ip , I think you mean

Thousand of people type this ip in wrong way

They type it and it is wrong

The correct ip is


If you want to get a correct result, you have to type correct ip first

Then search for ,and you will find the correct result


The uses of ip address is commonly used reserved IP addresses

The other commonly used reserved IP addresses are and is used as a default local  ip address for network router

Cisco routers and Infinity routers is used as adefault ip address is used as default ip for network server and it used instead by other private network device is used in business computer network than in home network is default ip for sever network isnot used to connect device over the internet

————– has not anu uses because it is wrong  IP address and you will not be able to access anything by using it is default enterance address when it represents the local side of a router or connect  the wireless access point  to the Internet. ip address is appear in TCP/IP network enterance settings after  joining the local area network (LAN)


What can be done  with

By using ip address ,you can perform require setting and fixed the router

By accessing the administration panel of your modem PROXY, DNS, network management, WLAN (WiFi), LAN, WAN Protocol settings, Virtual routing, IP Qos, NAT virtual server, DMZ, a variety of security options, DHCP client, WPS, DSL, ADSL, MAC can perform basic blocking and many other adjustments.

We using ip address to know whether any deice on local network or not

Administrator assigns to the router by typing

in the browser

then type user name and password

then your router setting is opened ,you can set up your router or update date


How can you setup your router by using

open your browser and type on  it ,

 click enter,

the menu of user name and password will appear , you have to type your username and password

look at the menus and pages that appear ,you can setup your network with dial-up/DSL method

type your private username and password that  you get from your network provider

you will go to the menu that enable you to setup wireless function

choice WPA or WPE to make your router saftety


we go to the address by

typing in your browser and then type your user name and password

but if you use you will not open any thing , and you wll not be able to open your router

you have to type correct ip first befor trying any thing

10.0 0.1


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