192.168.l.l 192168.1 1

Default Passwords For Your Wireless Router or ADSL Modem


192.1681.1 X


The default username and password is:
Username: admin
Password: admin

click here to login

الاي بي الصحيح هو

If this doesn’t work then it most likely means that the password has been changed.


In that case you should enter your own password but leave the username as admin.


And if you can’t remember your password you may reset the modem/router back to factory default settings.


All home broadband router provide an account for administrators to use for setup and configuration updates.


Similar to how computers work, routers keep a user name and password combination for the administrator to log in.

Router manufacturers set default usernames and passwords at the factory.

You must use a Linksys default password when logging in the first time but can change it later.


Using Linksys Default Passwords



The default login information for Linksys routers depends on their model as summarized in the table below.

Model Username Password
BEFSR series (none) or admin Admin
E series admin or (none) admin or (none)
EA series admin admin or (none)
WAG series admin or (none) admin or (none)
WRT series (none) Admin


The Linksys E1000 wireless broadband router from Cisco Systems ships with a default password of:admin


Use this password when first logging into the Linksys E1000 for initial network setup.


Until it is changed, this same default password is required for any changes to the router’s settings.


If the E1000 is reset back to factory settings, this same password will be restored.


The Linksys WRT54G wireless broadband router from Cisco Systems ships with a default password of:admin


Use this password when first logging  into the Linksys WRT54G for initial network setup.


Changing the WRT54G default password is highly recommended to improve home network security .


Until it is changed, use of this same default password is required for any changes to the router’s settings.


If the WRT54G is reset back to factory settings, this same password will also be restored.


The password of a router like the WRT54G is not synchronized with the passwords of Windows PCs or other devices on the network.



 What are my router’s default username and password?


If you don’t know or have forgotten username and password of your router, first please look carefully at different sides of your router, if there’s none, look them up in the manual book, or search them with google.


Usually they are ‘admin’, ‘user’, etc.



Here is a list of username and passwords for most popular routers for your reference.


Router Name Default IPAddress Default UserName DefaultPassword
3Com n/a admin
3Com adminttd adminttd
3Com admin n/a
3Com root !root
ACC netman netman
ACCTON n/a 0
Aceex admin n/a
Aceex admin epicrouter
Actiontec n/a n/a
ADC Kentrox n/a secret
Adtran n/a n/a
AirLink+ admin admin
Aiway 0 n/a
Allied Telesyn root n/a
Allied Telesyn Manager Friend
Allnet admin admin
Ambit user user
Ambit admin password
Ambit root n/a
Amitech admin admin
Apple n/a n/a
Arescom n/a atc123
Arescom dsladmin n/a
Ascend admin ascend
Ascend n/a ascend
Asmack admin epicrouter
ASUS admin admin
Avaya root root
Bausch Datacom admin epicrouter
Bay Networks User n/a
Bay Networks Manager n/a
Bay Networks Manager Manager
Belkin n/a n/a
Belkin admin n/a
Benq Admin admin
Bintec admin bintec
Boson n/a n/a
Broadlogic admin admin
Broadlogic installer installer
Broadlogic webadmin webadmin
Buffalo root n/a
Cable & Wireless Admin 1234
Cabletron netman n/a
Cabletron n/a n/a
Canyon Administrator admin
Canyon admin 1234
Cayman Any n/a
Cisco cisco cisco
Cisco n/a san-fran
Conexant n/a admin
Conexant n/a epicrouter
Dell admin admin
Digicorp n/a BRIDGE
Digicorp n/a password
D-Link n/a n/a
D-Link or192.168.1.1 Admin Admin
D-Link n/a admin
D-Link admin n/a
D-Link user n/a
D-Link n/a 1234
D-Link n/a year2000
E-Con admin epicrouter
Edimax admin 1234
Efficient login admin
Efficient admin admin
Efficient Networks n/a hs7mwxkk
Elsa n/a cisco
Ericsson (Formerly ACC) netman netman
E-Tech n/a admin
E-Tech admin epicrouter
Flowpoint n/a admin
Flowpoint n/a password
Fujitsu Siemens n/a connect
Gateway admin admin
IBM n/a ascend
Infosmart admin 0000
Intel admin hello
Intel n/a babbit
Ipstar admin operator
JAHT Admin epicrouter
Linksys Administrator admin
n/a admin
Linksys admin admin
Livingston !root n/a
MacSense admin admin
Medion n/a medion
Microsoft BroadbandNetworking Routers alsoknown as “Base Station” routers admin admin
Microsoft BroadbandNetworking Routers alsoknown as “Base Station” routers n/a admin
Mikrotik admin n/a
Motorola cablecom router
Motorola admin motorola
Motorola admin password
Netgear admin password
Netgear admin password
Netgear n/a 1234
Netgear Admin 1234
Nokia m1122 m1122
Olitec admin admin
Olitec admin adslolitec
Pentagram admin password
Pentagram n/a pento
Pirelli admin mu
Pirelli admin microbusiness
Pirelli user password
Siemens superuser admin
Sitecom admin admin
Sitecom n/a sitecom
SmartSwitch admin n/a
SMC n/a n/a
SMC admin admin
SMC admin smcadmin
SMC n/a smcadmin
SMC admin barricade
SMC cusadmin highspeed
SMC n/a 0000
SMC n/a n/a
Speed Touch (Alcatel) Administrator n/a
Speedstream admin admin
T-Comfort Administrator n/a
Teledat admin 1234
Telekom Malaysia ZXDSL ZXDSL
Telekom Malaysia ADSL expert03
Teletronics admin 1234
Telnet n/a n/a
UNEX n/a password
US Robotic admin admin
US Robotic admin n/a
US Robotic root 12345
US Robotic n/a 12345
Westell admin sysadmin
X-Micro super super
X-Micro 1502 1502
Xyplex n/a access
Xyplex n/a system
Yakumo admin admin
Zyxel admin admin
Zyxel admin 1234
Zyxel n/a 1234
Zyxel n/a



here is a list of mistyped IP :

so instead of typing they type :

192.16811 19216811 192,168,1,1 182168.1.1 192 168 1 1


 www 19216811 192168.1.1 192.16811 19201680101 492.168.1.1  190.168 o 1

admin login details 192/168/1/1 192.168 ll 162.168 o 1 192168.1.1 192.1681.1 192.168..1 192.168.11 192.168.1. 1192.168.1.1 1992.168.1.1 1922.168.1.1 192..168.1.1 192.1168.1.1 192.1668.1.1 192.1688.1.1 192.168..1.1 192.168.1..1


the correct ip is :

الاي بي الصحيح هو