192168.1 1 login solved

192168.1 1

192168.1 1 X

i think you typed the wrong ip to login to your modem

or router , so instead of typing the ip you just typed

192168.1 1 and this is wrong ip to log in to your home internet modem or router to change the wifi password or to change the username of your modem , this

always happen due to misstyping of numbers on your keyboard , some internet

users they just type  192.16811 and some type 9216811 all this happen

and causes that you will not be aple to login

to your modem

so if you want to log in to your router just type

then you will be asked to type the username and password

usename: admin

password: admin

this is the mostly used username and password !

some users also they just type 192.168.l.l 

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